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Trial on Huge Tax Shelter Case Ordered by NY Judge

Recently a federal judge ordered for another trial for three out of four people who were convicted in what may be the biggest tax fraud prosecution in the entire history of the United States.

According to the district judge, one individual who served as a juror was a pathological liar who corrupted the entire trial.

The three-month trial had included 1300 exhibits and 41 witnesses, and had produced over 22 million documents, as well as 9200 pages of trial transcript. The judge also stated that during the trial, the courts had disbursed over $110,000 for jury meals and attendance and mileage fees.

A prosecutor stated at trial that the defendants generated huge tax shelters that benefited some of the world’s most affluent people. These people included trust fund recipients, entrepreneurs and investors.

The trial ended one year ago, with convictions of the past chief executive officer of an accounting firm and two well-known attorneys.

According to the judge, one of the other attorneys who were convicted will not be getting a new trial. Apparently, the defendant’s attorneys were aware that the aforementioned juror told lies about her background, yet did not inform the judge in time to change her for another juror. It is an attorney’s obligation to inform the court about any suspected juror misconduct.

The judge stated that he was ordering a new trial for the others, and urged the government to prosecute the juror for perjury. The juror told extreme lies about her background in order to get on the jury of that particular trial. The juror was a barred attorney, hiding her legal background, criminal records and personal injury lawsuit filings.

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