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A four year garnishment released in a day and a half thanks to Bill Winspear. A $200,000 tax bill turns into a $45,000 tax refund and thousands in future tax savings. Due to a crumbling stock market, a divorce and a business that was hemorrhaging money, I didn’t get a chance to file a 2001 year tax return.

The IRS prepared a substitute return for me that didn’t include all my deductions. Suffice it to say, the IRS alleged I owed them almost $200K. They began to garnish my income in 2009 and took something like $60K over four years directly out of my salary. I was so worried that I was going to jail over this, that I kept my mouth shut for all those years and just let the IRS run over me.

Then in January 2013 I called Bill Winspear. I hired him on a Saturday, and by the next Wednesday, he got the IRS to fax a garnishment release to my employer. Also, he got the IRS to acknowledge that not only did I not owe them any money, but, in fact they owed me something like $45,000.

Also, he discovered that I was entitled to capital loss carry forwards that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Those loss carry forwards are going to save me thousands of dollars in taxes in the future.
He got me squared away with all the paper work I needed to bring myself current and get back into the tax system and I don’t owe the IRS a penny. Because of him, I can start my life again.

Buffalo, NY

Our company had ran into a problem with our payroll tax’s and dealing with the IRS can be confusing and a burden. We hired Bill Winspear to deal with the dept of treasury and within a short period of time our problems were resolved with great satisfaction. Can’t say enough about this man, We highly recommend to anyone with a tax issue.

Joseph E.
Buffalo, NY

My thanks to Bill for helping me through the difficult times I had with my tax problems. He always kept me informed and he really paid attention to the details. Good luck in your practice.Best regards,
Edward B.

I had both IRS and New York State tax problems. I had used up all my retirement savings to pay other bills and was left with tax liabilities for both the IRS and New York State. I was getting collection notices from both agencies, but Bill Winspear convinced them to put my case in not collectable status. I can’t tell you what a relief that was. I highly recommend him for piece of mind and fast results.Richard S.
Buffalo, NY

Mr. Winspear was very professional and prompt in his role as my lawyer. Mr. Winspear also treated me with respect and never made me feel less than adequate because of my situation. I was very comfortable and confident as well in the use of his services (Offer in Compromise). I would not hesitate to call on Mr. Winspear if I should ever need his services again. I also would recommend his services to others in the same situation as myself.Richard M.
Buffalo, NY

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